“Herbert West: Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. “Herbert West—Reanimator” is a short story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft. It was written between October and June It was first. Welcome back to the Lovecraft reread, in which two modern Mythos writers get Today we’re looking at “Herbert West—Reanimator,” written.

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If anything, it was better.

There was bright moonlight over the snowless landscape, but we dressed the thing sest carried it home between us through the deserted streets and meadows, as we had carried a similar thing one horrible night in Arkham. I did not like those rumours of a fight which were floating about. We carried spades and oil dark lanterns, for although electric torches were then manufactured, they were not as satisfactory as the tungsten contrivances geanimator today.

I did not wholly disagree with him theoretically, yet held vague instinctive remnants of the primitive faith of my forefathers; so that I could not help eyeing the corpse with a certain amount of awe and terrible expectation. Retrieved from ” https: When I slammed the door wesg them West came downstairs and looked at the box.

Jul 05, Linton Newton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lovecraft 7 Christchurch Cemetery; yet for me there is a greater horror in that rexnimator a horror known to me alone now that Herbert West has disappeared. As I have told the police, there was no wagon in the street, but only a raenimator of strange-looking figures bearing a large square box which they deposited in the hallway after one of them had grunted in a highly unnatural voice, reanimaror. And then, as the breach became large enough, they came out into the laboratory in single file; led by a talking thing with a beautiful head made of wax.

One of the figures presents the narrator with the large box, which the narrator then gives to West.

Herbert West

That was seven years before, but West looked scarcely a day older now—he was small, blond, clean-shaven, soft-voiced, and spectacled, with only an occasional flash of a cold blue eye to tell of the hardening and growing fanaticism of his character under the pressure of his terrible investigations.


Forbidding me to touch the body, he first injected a drug in the wrist just beside the place his needle had punctured when injecting the embalming compound. I had not entered the army on my own initiative, but rather as a natural result of the enlistment of the man whose indispensable assistant I was-the celebrated Boston surgical specialist, Dr.

Herbert West—Reanimator by H. So on the night of July 18,Herbert West and I stood in the cellar laboratory and gazed at a white, silent figure beneath the dazzling arc-light. The results of partial or imperfect animation were much more hideous than were the total failures, and we both held fearsome recollections of such things.

There was also that Arkham professor’s body which had done cannibal things before it had been captured and thrust unidentified into a madhouse cell at Sefton, where it beat the walls for sixteen years. We had met years before, in medical school, and from the first Reankmator had shared his terrible researches. Lovecraft ‘s novella tells the story of Herbert West, a doctor cum inventor who believes that ‘death’ is but a medical condition; one that should be possible to cure.

The tension on our part reanimayor very great. To ask other readers questions about Herbert Westplease sign up. The hideous occurrence itself was very simple, notable only for what it implied.

West clashed disagreeably with Dr. I shudder tonight as I think of it; shudder even more than I did that morning when West muttered through his bandages, “Damn it, it wasn’t quite fresh enough!

Herbert West: Reanimator – Wikisource, the free online library

Una historia excelente y aterradora con ese toque macabro que Lovecraft comienza a usar. When we reached the door I cautiously unbolted it and threw it open, and as the moon streamed revealingly down on the form silhouetted there, West did a peculiar thing.

Herbert West, the narrator’s comrade, increases in obsession over years, taking his weest for dead bodies and parts for his experiments to joining the war effort, with alternative motives. The Bolton Worsted Mills are the largest in the Miskatonic Valley, and their polyglot employees are never popular as patients with the local physicians.

Trivia About Herbert West: Especially, when comparing it to the times. I knew what he wanted-to see if this highly organised body could exhibit, without its head, any of the signs of mental life which had distinguished Lovexraft Eric Moreland Clapham-Lee.


There followed a few spasmodic muscular motions, and then an audible breathing and visible motion of the chest. One night, they steal the eest of a construction worker who died that morning in an accident.

Reanimaotr was agreed to call the whole thing a chemical laboratory if discovery should occur. While reading the newspaper one night, West comes across an article detailing a series of strange, seemingly nonsensical events involving a riot at an insane asylum.

Herbert West needed fresh bodies wes his life-work was the reanimation of the dead. The Great War, through which both of us served as surgeons, had intensified this side of West.

Breny29 octubre H. The arms stirred disquietingly, the legs drew up, and various muscles contracted in a repulsive kind of writhing.

We both inserted the whole unopened nerbert box, closed the door, and started the electricity. It was almost a public affair, for the dean had surely been a public benefactor.

Herbert West disappeared a year ago, the Boston police questioned me closely. Herbert West which harassed the latter years of our companionship. We followed them to an abandoned barn, where the remnants rfanimator a crowd of frightened foreigners were watching a silent black form on the floor.

He was calmer than I as he forced a large quantity of his fluid into a vein of the body’s wesst, immediately binding the incision securely. In a dark corner of the laboratory, over a queer incubating burner, he kept a large covered vat full of this reptilian cell-matter; which multiplied and grew puffily and hideously.

Herbert West–Reanimator

He had refused a stimulant, and had suddenly dropped dead only a moment later. Views Read Edit View history.

The speaker had asked for the custody of the cannibal monster committed from Arkham sixteen years before; and upon being refused, gave a signal which precipitated a shocking riot. It is also one of the first depictions of zombies as scientifically reanimated corpses, with animalistic and uncontrollable temperaments.