Jenny Pox: The complete series is now available as boxed set on Kindle and ” JL Bryan has written a book that runs the gamut from young adult romance to. Free eBook: Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan. Eighteen-year-old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret: her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague. Jenny Pox is one of the latest in a seemingly endless supply of teen supernatural romances. But in its defence, it couldn’t be further from the over-done, love.

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I can’t help it! The soft edges that Bryan threw in there definitely balanced the rawness of the story and that made it better for me. When the students of a famous Performing Arts School left for their outing to Stonehenge one morning inthey had no idea they would witness the crash of a meteorite. The boy Seth has the power to heal, so by happy coincidence is the only one able to bryah Jenny, while his psychotic girlfriend Ashleigh has the ability to spread feelings of love and adoration which turned out to be more dangerous than I originally thought.

J. L. Bryan

But do not be fooled! The first couple of chapters set the stage for how Jenny has grown up living a lonely life, never able to touch or be touched without deadly consequences. Mar 22, Ari rated it did not like it Uenny Bryan explores in his amazing horror yarn, Jenny Pox. Afterwards, I warmed up to him and was positively rooting for him and Jenny to be together. I wouldn’t call it Urban Fantasy either. Not completely insane enough?


Book description Jenny is a shy, small-town South Carolina girl whose touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague. Fast forward to high school. Ashleigh’s influence had the town under bryaan mass-hypnosis-like effect, and people under her influence were not in full control of their own actions.

Seth comes in and out of each scene like a soft breeze and one that is very forgettable.

Jenny Pox (The Paranormals series)

Poox story centers around Jenny and grabs a reader from page one. Jenny was a relatable character; her ability was well-detailed, and her struggle with it well-defined. In a lot of ways, this is the root of the conflict J. Jenny is now 18 and wears long sleeves, long pants, and gloves at all times in public.

He is the author of the Paranormals series and the Songs of Magic series. All the pieces begin to fit.

Jenny Pox by JL Bryan

So when I started this I was beyond excited to sink my teeth into this book! Jenny and Seth have crazy chemistry. So the following will have to do: If you like stories with superpowers, high school angst, villainous mean girls, a sweet romance, and a dash of the horrific and don’t mind the gross factorthen you might like this one. Guess he’s just not my type.

Jenny Pox by J.L. Bryan – FictionDB

Kids patched up with scavenged body parts and bionic implants. Jenny is starting her senior year, wondering how she can survive one more year bbryan torture. She wears gloves and long sleeves even in the brutal heat to protect anyone who may come in contact with her. OK, I didn’t hate this. The title is very appropriate and the only positive thing about this tale.


She has no remorse and no redeemable qualities. Not everyone is like that. As you may know by now, i’m not fan of that kind of thing in books. I loathed her; she is manipulative, she is malevolent, and she literally wants to rule the world. The only character that I would have loved to see more deeper developed was Seth, although Jennh have to say I also fell for him together with Jenny.

Eventually, she intends to rule the world. It didn’t make sense as a person. But as the book progressed I came to understand why as he broke away from Ashleigh’s influence and began to show his true character.

From the first to last page I was sucked into Jenny’s story. Years later, Jenny has come to terms with her ability. Jenny’s love for Seth brings the wrath of Seth’s beautiful, popular and devious girlfriend, Ashleigh, who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all–the power to inspire love.

That said, it is not a gratuitous read and was well done and insightful from the perspective of the teenage mind. It wouldn’t be something I necessarily recommend, but I have read much, much worse.