An Enemy of the People is an play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote it .. “Um Inimigo do Povo na Comuna” [An Enemy of the People in the Commune]. (in Portuguese). Portugal: Teatro da. Um inimigo do povo foi publicado em Copenhague em e estreou no Teatro Nacional em Oslo em 13 de janeiro de Imediatamente foi traduzido para. Questions About Um Inimigo do Povo. by Henrik Ibsen. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Um Inimigo do Povo, please sign up.

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Um Inimigo do Povo, de Henrik Ibsen | Formatura CAL 2018.1

The masses are nothing but the raw material that must be fashioned into the people. An Enemy of the People “. The next morning, Dr. In other projects Onimigo Commons. If the truth were to be told, a veterinary would be more in order.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: Stockmann to retract the article and to solve the problem in a more quiet way. Billing, the family, the mayor, Aslaksen, and Hovstad are ibsrn. It may [have] many traits of comedy, but it also is based on a serious idea.

An Enemy of the People – Wikipedia

It is true that ideas grow stale and platitudinous, but one may go one step povk and say flatly that truths die. Archived from the original on January 11, The play was the indirect inspiration for the blockbuster movie Jaws.


The landlord is evicting them from their house, and Petra has been fired from her job as a schoolteacher for having progressive opinions. In Miller’s adaptation, part of the doctor’s speech reads:. For example, the commandment “honor thy father and thy mother” referred to in Ghosts is not simply either true or false.

Many major edits not only included the transformation of speech and language, but changes were made to the character of Dr.

Throughout the play, Dr. However, Ibsen took a somewhat skeptical view of his protagonist, suggesting that he may have gone too far in his inimigp to tell the truth. Ibsen wrote it in response to the public outcry against his previous play, Ghostswhich challenged the hypocrisy of 19th-century morality.

In the newspaper office, Hovstad and Billing discuss the pros and cons of running Dr. Stockmann’s standing as a champion of the lower classes as opposed to a scientist with a belief in racial determinism and the importance of eugenics for “improving” people. Retrieved 18 April Stockmann’s ideals as a character, and his dedication to facing down the hypocrisy of the aristocracy and governmental bureaucrats, but portrays him as more of a democratic thinker and socialist, while retaining some of the original character’s ideas about the evolution of animals and humans, and the need to cultivate humane qualities in order to bring the masses to a more rational and educated level, so that they can fully participate in a democracy.

Stockmann in this town again. Stockmann replies that he intends to stay and make them understand “that considerations of expediency and justice turn morality and justice upside down. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 13 September He expects that will cause his son-in-law to stop his crusade, to ensure that the spa does not go bankrupt and his family will have a secure future.


Stockmann acts as a Christ figure. The windows of the house have been smashed.

Stockmann’s article, which will reveal the truth about the spa water. The next morning in Dr. Stockmann with a letter from the board of directors of the baths, terminating his contract, and a resolution from the homeowners’ association stating that no one should hire Dr. Up there the rulers of the world are the great seal and the gigantic squadrons of duck. They are ready to proceed and help bring the privileged classes down.

His whole life consists of grubbing for food. Retrieved December 7, The newspaper readily agrees to print the mayor’s statement. It may have been a truth once and a falsehood today.

It received various positive reviews and was jointly sponsored by the Norwegian Embassy in Cairo and the Ibsen Studies Center in Norway. Digte ” Terje Vigen “. This classic play was adapted by Arthur Miller in the s in a production that opened at the Broadhurst Theater on December 28, Inimio it came to me one day that it was romantic and sentimental for a man of my education to be tending these people.