We’re proud to announce that Atomic Overmind Press is teaming up with writer and RPG designer extraordinaire Greg Stolze (Unknown Armies. Reign is an RPG by Greg Stolze. It uses the One Roll Engine (ORE) and focuses on leadership and the interplay between factions. It comes. Well, following this convoluted logic, then REIGN is that young woman . Greg Stolze commented once that he might stat up some of the occult.

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Muhulca city in Opetka. The actions of PCs can affect these rolls, and PC in reiyn group can donate their own experience points to improve the company. Now, in the bustling city of Hecantz, political machines known as Foundations battle for mystical superiority at stolzr ballot box, and you and your friends will play those embroiled in the fight. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. For example, if the PCs have decided they want to make a raid on a neighbouring tsolze and reduce their Treasure value by one, the player could make up an explanation for how they intend to gref this “The museum in Takesh on the southern border is said to contain the golden relics of A’kun.

The Company rules are why you’d play this game instead of some other fantasy RPG. Every few decades, entire villages went missing in the night, gone without trace save burned buildings and slain elders. With REIGN, your characters can defend threatened nations, bring prosperity to desperate provinces, make laws and perpetuate justice… or, if you prefer, loot conquer and pillage on a vast and awesome scale.


Reign: Rules

A Nick Butler and Greg Stolze webcomic about low-rent supers in a crapsack future. Together, the two books constitute almost pages of RPG goodness!

The most basic level of support. Reign is powered by the One Roll Engine. This level is for you. Greg designed the system of Reign to, in addition to being its own thing, function as a capstone system for running organizations in other systems.

Lists with This Book.

Right now, REIGN — the entirety of the line — exists as a book and sixteen reihn supplements each of which has been collected grev a print-on-demand book as well. In-store, freight-free pickup option for backers local to you: I got it because it’s a game that’s apparently got a lot of play from the designers of Diaspora, a game that I really like, and I thought it would be worth taking a look at solely based on that.

Reign – 1d4chan

Provides not one, not two, but three separate campaign frameworks for REIGN, ranging from roguish scumbags in Uldholm, to Ob-lob pirates, to the people who really run The Empire. On the other hand, it also lets you play the kind of game you want by offloading some tasks onto your underlings.

Provides a third combat system where, instead of trying to grandstand and seeing if you succeed, you find out how well you succeeded and adjust your grandstanding accordingly. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This is my second Kickstarter the first being Tour de Lovecraft: It’ll pay for all the brand new color art, the layout and design done in house by Hal Mangoldand the printing of the book.

Reign by Greg Stolze

Over a century ago, a revolution shattered the arcane force powering sto,ze empires of old and scattered its pieces among the people. Rules book and Reign: The current funding stretch goals are listed below with blue banners.


The world of Arcadia, home of the Ninth Legion. You’ll receive the electronic version of just the Reign: The usefulness of Companies can go both ways.

Want some free fiction? Monarchs, mercenaries and merchant princes gamble armies and fortunes to win nations in a rich and vibrant fantasy setting. You’ll receive the electronic and physical print versions of the Reign: R Thomas rated it really liked it May 30, Jonas Lowery rated it really liked it Apr 15, Something about the layout just left me cold, so I put it down without reading it and left it there for weeks.

Reign is a high fantasy game where you can give quests instead of taking them. Brought to you by Kickstarter. This includes finding and working with localization partners to ship the final rewards if possible. The kingdom needs to import scientists, philosophers, generals, and merchants to build a new people before their shared trauma reduces the survivors to anarchy.

Greg Stolze’s Reign, Second Edition. These are articles that basically spin off on what Reign might do as a capstone or alternate rule-set for a different game, genre or approach.

The main distinction is the Company mechanics that focus the game on both the characters and the organization they belong to, whether that be a social club or stokze empire. Another mini-setting, this time examining fantasy races like elves and orcs from a firm basis in fantasy genetics.