From Wikipedia: Grail Quest is a series of gamebooks by J. H. Brennan. The books are illustrated by John Higgins (I). The series is (usually) set in King Arthur’s. Note: Some of these gamebooks were planned for addition but This page showcases some of the best gamebook and solo .. GrailQuest. GrailQuest is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books by J.H. Brennan, with eight books in the series: The Castle of Darkness (); The Den of.

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During play, success or failure in various actions is determined by whether or not the chosen character has the appropriate skills for the job.

The artwork is consistently very good throughout, and the stories are all action-packed and quite enjoyable. Although only two gamebookz were published, Fatemaster remains one of the largest and most ambitious gamebook series ever released. Still, it’s always a shame to see a series die prematurely, and while the end of Fatemaster isn’t as tragic as the failure of Fabled Lands, it would have been nice to watch the series evolve further.

The Tower of Terror. At the End of Time. The whole Grail Quest series was so fun and witty. Herbie Brennan is a pioneer of the medium and his work still holds up as some of the very best gamebooks ever written.

Series – Grailquest

The books were written in the third person, as you make the choices for two likable youngsters named Bill and June, who become Bivotar and Juranda when they enter Zork and are guided by King “Uncle” Syovar.

This is my entry for every little gamebook I played with when I was a kid. If the individual book sections don’t open when clicked, go here. Grailquest 2 Village Map. At the start of each book, the reader picks a character from a list of pregenerated options. Character Advancement Game System: If you go wrong there, it can kill the adventure. Return to Book Page.


You score experience points as you explore, which are traded in to permanently gaebooks your vitality. As Falcon, the top agent, you are thrust into numerous scenarios endangering not only your life, but the very timelines.

Grailquest 7 Rules Reference front. Over the Blood-Dark Sea.

Voyage of Terror GrailQuest. The Gateway of Doom.

The player must roll two grrailquest dice and add the results. I have exceptionally fond memories of this system, some of whose background as revealed in the Temple of Flame formed the basis for the Dragon Warriors world, Legend.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The rules, which make use of six-sided dice sets of which were included attached to some issuesare very much in the Fighting Fantasy, vein, though their exact details vary from issue to issue.

Grailquest 3 Map 4. Rgailquest of the Pharaoh. Billed as a “role-playing comic,” Diceman lasted five issues before being discontinued in After HotU’s demise, numerous revival projects came into existence — but so far, the gamebook collection is missing from every one of them.

A miniature reprint of the first issue was attached to the front cover of the ninth issue, while the fifteenth issue included a reprint of the sixth issue along with a bonus adventure called “In Search of Christmas. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Grailquest – Wikipedia

It is like an old gaming arcade with all the old games in their original format. The narrator reads the book based on choices he makes, but at the end he goes back to make different major choices, and read those alternate paths to the end. But before you do that, rgailquest don’t you read this interview with Grailquest’s author, Herbie Brennan. Kingdom of Horror 6. The Grail Quest series was always my favourite when I was a youngster and rereading this one, the first in the series, reminded me why.


Gamebookz in the Dark. By luck, a permanent one was stationed above Earth in the current year, making it relatively easy to return. The books are illustrated by John Higgins I.

In contrast to most gamebook series, Real Life Gamebooksas the name suggests, is not set in a fantasy world, but in actual history. Apr 22, Michael Kelly rated it it was amazing.

The Cavern of Doom. Add to this the humorous tone of writing and you’ve got one of the best gamebook series of all time. But after that, once Grailqkest started gathering some of the powerful items which are to be discovered especially the Luckstone, which is essentially a ‘cheat your way to victory’ device! If you like gamebooks, or even just comic books in general, check this one out. Way of the Tiger on the Web.


Graillquest 1 Rules Reference back. Occasionally there is more serious drama, but this is usually reserved for very special moments. If you are looking for a challenging, absorbing, and mature gamebook series, look no further than this out of print and extremely rare classic.

Jem and the Holograms entry at 80schildren.

Rich Stoehr rated it really liked it Mar 13, It was somewhere around this time that the Tolkien estate objected to these books — apparently they considered them to be books, not games, and thus not covered by I. Taking up a well-worn plot kill the Vampire Lordthe authors managed to create a menacing, dangerous tone that impressed me no end.

Out of the Shadows.