MVAC (). MVAC-like ( or ). Non-MVAC (). * If R Section of the Clean Air Act (CAA) directs EPA to establish requirements to prevent the. Motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) systems provide passenger comfort Servicing of these systems is regulated under section of the. Specific MVAC regulatory authority is given by Section of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA). Section is included in Chapter of this manual, and .

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There is a great deal of very detailed information that is covered by this certification. Well kept records with all invormation available? The industry is developing new refrigerants, such as HFCa. Are the customer invoices: If you wish to get into commercial vehicles or aspire to own your own shop, you need to start working towards acquiring a Section certification after acquiring your Section Majual is the simplest definition of how a technician “properly uses” approved equipment?

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) System Servicing

Level 2 inspections essentially expand the review of recordkeeping, and will require completion of the Level 2 Inspection Checklist included in Chapter 4. On the other hand, a Section EPA certification allows you to work on systems in some buses, trains, aircraft, and boats that Section sectioj not govern. The only work excluded is that done for free. This is usually sectoin of the specific refrigerant used in these systems. Did the customer invoice record: Yes No Are they kept behind the counter?

Are technicians required to prove they can properly repair air conditioners?


General and in-depth information about refrigerants. For their part in protecting the stratospheric ozone and our quality of life, MVAC service operations can have a tremendously positive impact, if compliance with Section can be ensured, because: UL or ETL may have certified additional equipment since this manual was developed, and inspectors should expect to update the list as additional equipment is approved.

EPA Section What You Need to Know – HVAC Training

Mainstream’s PM Tech Certification covers all aspects of acid and moisture detection, acid removal, sectjon removal, compressor maintenance, coil maintenance, proper refrigeration charging techniques, advanced diagnosis, and leak testing procedures. This chapter covers the requirements and definitions in Section Anyone who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC system for any kind of compensation must be trained and certified in accordance with section of the Clean Air Act.

ETL may also test and approve equipment. The reason mbac this is most approved equipment did not initially meet the SAE J standards and had to be modified to pass the tests.

Is equipment owner certification paperwork in order?

Section 609 Technician Training and Certification Programs

On-site recycling can be done to the SAE J standard. Compliance with Section of the CAAA is needed to help protect the ozone, and thus our quality of life. Purchasers of small cans will sectio to show proof of technician certification. Certain man-made chemicals including chlorofluorocarbons CFCs are destroying the stratospheric ozone.

These notations will serve as documentation for the inspector’s compliance determination, and provide necessary support for any possible enforcement action.

Do they have certifications from retailers that the refrigerant is for resale only? We’ve made some changes to EPA.


EPA Certification – Manual

Vehicles that are covered include those that transport people or property, including passenger cars, trucks, light and heavy duty vehicles on a street or highway. The specifics regarding service and repair of motor vehicle systems are not found in section A Section does not allow you to purchase refrigerants used in stationary systems but certification under Section does allow you to purchase refrigerant used in MVACs in small amounts. Passenger cars, vans, pickup trucks, and commercial vehicles are among the obvious examples of everyday motor vehicles that have MVAC units regulated under Section of the Clean Air Act.

Some of the topics and information covered on the exam include: Contact Headquarters to determine the status of the training program. Records documenting where the refrigerant is sent off-site for reclamation or recycling must be kept by the service facility, so that they can prove that they have not released or reused the substance without purification.

Vehicles that are not included as motor vehicles covered under Section include trains, airplanes, marine vessels or motor boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, and buses that use a HCFC system. We hope this article helps you on your path to becoming a certified motor vehicle air conditioning technician.

As we mentioned, the exam is 25 questions long and requires a minimum score of eighty four percent to pass. Department of Defense Department of the Army, U.