Title, Ecología: estudio de la distribución y la abundancia. Author, Charles J. Krebs. Edition, 2. Publisher, Harla, ISBN, , Krebs, C. J. Ecologia: Estudio de la Distribucion y la Abundancia, 2nd ed. Mexico City: Editorial Harla. Krebs, J. R. “Foraging Strategies and Their. Authors: C. Krebs, CJ Krebs, C.J. Krebs, J.R. Krebs, J. R. Krebs. Publication date: Journal: Ecología: Estudio de la Distribución y la Abundancia.

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Sampling took place bimonthly from January to November of at three sampling stations. Status of the American crocodile in Venezuela. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, p.

La salinidad obtenida indica que constituyen cuerpos de agua dulce Fig. The metabolization of wetlands by the city of Veracruz, Mexico.

Fishing down marine food webs. Sharks of the world. Some features of oligochaetes distribution versus pollution of the River Moscow muds.

No differences in diet were found between sexes of shortfin mako, however, it was detected variation between seasons and fishing zones. How to cite this article. Lo anterior, aunado a la poca abundancia de cocodrilos Therefore, in this study it was considered relevant to know the macrobenthos of this lake due to the importance of the use of benthic organisms as indicators to characterize an aquatic system.


Although the abundance of the greater ecolotia of the organisms was low, an increase was recorded for May and Distrigucion, mainly due to the higher abundance values of Lumbriculus variegatus and Cypris sp.

Ecología poblacional de Crocodylus acutus en los sistemas estuarinos de San Blas, Nayarit, México

Status and conservation of the American crocodile, Crocodylus acutusin Belice. On the spatial scale the greatest abundance and richness of genera were recorder at station 3, probably due to this area being the deepest and remaining under water for the longest time during the drought with a minimum depth of 10 to 20 cm. This study also provides the first data on the infaunal macrobenthos of the lake, and contributes to the small amount of knowledge there is on the macroinvertebrates of the freshwater environments of Mexico.

During the rainy seasons, the surrounding agricultural areas flood and materials are carried into the lake. Fueron identificados organismos de los phyla Annelida y Arthropoda. Metztitlan, Hidalgo, Mexico, macroinvertebrates, freshwater, macrobenthos, benthos, insects, arthrophoda, annelida.

Ecologia. Estudio de la distribucion y la abundancia.

Sea fisheries research, pp. The numeric, frequency and weight methods and the index of relative importance IIR were used to describe their diet. Dubuque, Iowa, p. This entails a rapid population growth in a short period of time after the flooding estuduo the basin and with it a progressive increase in the density of organisms.

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Ecopath, Ecosim and Ecospace as tools evaluating ecosystem impact of fisheries. Aprovechamiento de los cocodrilos de Nicaragua. Feeding by sex of Isurus oxyrinchus off central Chile in and El sedimento de tipo arcilloso fue tamizado con una luz de malla de 1. Ricklefs y Begon et al. Longman Scientific y Technical.

Among the probable reasons that cause a low abundance of chironomids in the Metztitlan lake, are the insecticides and predation. These ecosystems lodge a wealth of 62 families, 60 of them present during the rainy season and 46 during the dry period.

An introduction to the aquatic insects of North America. Transects A, B and C had a density from 2.

Limnological survey of western Lake Erie. Spotlight surveys counting animals found per kilometer were done navigating 89 kilometers in 6 transects.