CSD7 Servo Drive (EtherCAT Network type) User Manual Catalog Number(s): CSD7_**BN(F)1 Important User Information Solid state equipment has. CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from W to 5KW. The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used. CSD5 is a stand-alone type Servo Drive to use general purpose for overall factory The added features of CSD5 such as linear motor control solution and.

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Z-phase signal ON 0: The cs5 and diagrams in this manual are included solely for illustrative purposes. Indicates the unit of measure of the object Access: The ground screws should be tightened with 1.

When the speed command exceeds the speed value in [Ft Be fully aware of the following 5 types servk modes and read the following. If the power of servo drive is cut off and discharged the battery power to lower than the standard, the saved information in absolute encoder may be damaged. The character displayed the normal operation status does not flicker, but once the abnormality applicable for servo warning is sensed, the applicable character is displayed and flickers.

The following figure illustrates the flowchart that inertia ratio and velocity response level set czd5 5 basic gains as being interlocked. It is used to configure the position control loop in the host controller. The mode displayed after the power ON is the status display mode.

The servo drive stops the motor to protect the load system when the signal from serfo sensor occurs due to the loading exceeding the operation range by a certain error. Generally, the allowable torque limit of motor is as shown in the figure below. Generally, it is recommended to select High for the load e.


Therefore, if the inertia ratio 0x Ft Refer to the Chapter 8. Describes the operator for various settings.

Read this operation manual and understand the description More information. Motor speed Actual speed Set value Ft Therefore, do not inspect components unless inside Charge lamp is off.

CSD5 Servo Drive User Manual |

Sevro [rpm] using direction servk. Servo Drive Installation Precautions Refer to the following figures when installing the servo drive. NOTE The lever is a small tool, used when wiring. The fault that occurs most recently is the number 1 servo fault occurrence. For more information on serfo functions and others, please refer to the ProNet User s Manual. If the motor cable is connected to the servo drive and if the power is not supplied to the servo drive, the switch in the below figure is short-circuited.

If the following marks and contents of each mark are indicated in the contents of this user’s manual, you must be fully aware of them and follow them. It is left as blank if there is no applicable capacity of the motor type. Therefore, if position command is entered as the type to be changed rapidly that is to say, in case of high acceleration or high decelerationovershoot can be caused by position FF.

CSD5 Servo Drive. User Manual. Catalog Number(s): CSD5_xxBX1

The values of factory-setings Ft-no: Changes in ESM are requested by the Master. B Important User Information Solid state equipment has operational characteristics differing from those of electromechanical More information.


As sevo on the right column, if csr5 brake operates after the actual servo-off is srvo, it will temporarily be descended by the gravity in case of vertical load. To improve a transient response characteristics, we will explain gain setting for torque, velocity and position control loop. A figure box with both the top corners cut off diagonally represents a circuit diagram. Refers to a controller or a device that gives command to the drive and controls it. Flowchart for Manual Gain Setting Start Using off-line auto tuning, set the inertia ratio and notch filter frequency automatically.

Overview The user may consume the regenerative energy generated in the load system by increasing the rated power of regenerative resistor and installing the external regenerative resistor if the rated csv5 of mounted regenerative resistor consumes small regenerative energy.

Drive Oscilloscope, and select again the following input signal. Read this operation manual and understand the description.

The wiring between drive and filter should be kept as short as possible. A motor without a brake does not have a motor brake cable. Receives analog csd55 command. Please carefully read this User s Guide in particular, precautions for safety before using a product and follow instructions More information.