est-il possible d’appliquer le filtre sur une collection d’object d’une JTable? private JTable table; table = new JTable(model);. table. catch ( but all get is the link of the image: Then that means you are storing text in that column. You have a couple of problems that I can see: You code. This page provides Java code examples for umnModel . The examples are extracted from open source Java projects.

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Generally, you implement your table model in a subclass of the AbstractTableModel class. Currently, tables put the following types of data in the list:. Here is a picture of a table with a dialog that serves, indirectly, as a cell editor. The scroll pane automatically places the table header at the top of the viewport.

Java – How To Create Multiplication Table In Java Using NetBeans [ with source code ]

Here is a picture of one of the column header tool tips:. In the screenshot below, a user has run the program, clicked in the first row, then jtanle in the third row. Resize the window containing the table so that it’s bigger than necessary to display the whole table. However, according to your getColumnClass As previously noted, the text the user enters in the “Filter Text” text field defines a filter that determines which rows are shown. Usually you do not have to explicitly specify a check box as an editor, since columns with Boolean data automatically use a check box renderer and editor.

Doesn’t this seem strange to you? JTable uses a very simple concept of selection, managed as an intersection of rows and columns.


JTable (Java Platform SE 6 b18)

Next, the table compares the column’s data type with a list of data types for which cell renderers are registered. Since prepareRenderer provides the view index, you need to translate the view index to a model index so you can be sure the intended column has been selected. When using curs sorter, always remember to translate cell coordinates.

To add a tool tip to a cell using its renderer, you first need to get or create the cell renderer. The advantage jtzble these constructors is that they are easy to use. It is easy to customize the text or image rendered by the default renderer, DefaultTableCellRenderer.

java – How to set icon in a jtable while filling the table? – Stack Overflow

JTable provides several overloads of print with various options. Here are the topics this section covers:. Instead, a single cell renderer is generally used to draw all of the cells that contain jatble same type of data. The data the user actually sees is known as the viewand has its own set of coordinates. Here is the code from TableToolTipsDemo.

In a subsequent example, newFilter is invoked every time the text field changes. This sets both the preferred widths of the columns and their approximate relative widths. A table model can have a set of listeners that are notified whenever the table data changes. For more sophisticated kinds of sorting, subclass TableRowSorter or its parent class javax.

For more on Printablerefer to the Printing lesson in the 2D Graphics trail. This is known as filtering.

Problems with the examples? How to Use Various Components. When the user begins editing a cell in the Favorite Color column, a button the true cell editor appears and brings up the dialog, courz which the user can choose a different color.


Notice the outline around the last cell clicked; this is how the Metal look and feel highlights the lead selection.

Setting both rowSelectionEnabled and columnSelectionEnabled to a value has the side effect of also setting cellSelectionEnabled to that value.

You can think of the renderer as a configurable ink stamp that the table uses to stamp appropriately formatted data onto each cell.

It was not designed to handle fully independent cell selections. An example of using the same tool tip text for all column headers is in TableSorterDemo. Shows how to use all list selection modes, using a list selection listener that’s shared between a table and list. Or, to compile and run the example yourself, consult the example index.

Try Compiling and Running the Examples: All of the radio buttons under “Selection Mode” invoke JTable. The error checking is a side effect of converting the entered text into an object of the proper type. You can add a tool tip to a column header by setting the tool tip text for the table’s JTableHeader.

To specify more precise column types, the table model must define the getColumnClass method appropriately, as demonstrated by TableDemo. The column changes size, and the other columns adjust to fill the remaining space. The cells with tool tips are in the Sport and Vegetarian columns.

For example, here is how the default date renderer is implemented:.