Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Fisher Amelie resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate. She earned her first ‘mama’ patch in Callum Tate. Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the ‘eighteen disease’. Read Callum & Harper online free from your Mobile, Pc. Callum & Harper is a Romance novel by Fisher Amelie.

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No matter where they slept–streets, bench, park, studio or when they had no money at all in their pockets, they could survive because they had each other’s back. It was so tender, romantic, and hell I’m going to have to go get a thesaurus because I’ve run out of words. Callum was 4 years old when his real parents died and he happened to be in his car seat when it happened during the accident and was saved only by the seat belt keeping him in place. I could not find a publisher listed, so I can only assume this is self-published.

Well, except for the psycho from Harper’s past that haunts her and, oh, yeah, there’s the little issue that neither of them knows they’re in love with the other. I picked it up and unfolded it.

Review | Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie

It will open your eyes to so many things you were once too blind to see. For example during The Ivories concert how this song is dedicated to Harper by Callum is just too sweet. I physically felt their pain, their joys, their heartaches, harpeg their successes.


I loved the alternate POVs! Well, not until they met. And that’s something I’ve never said about any other couple before.

They’d been kicked to the curb by everyone their whole life, so why risk it with the one person, literally, in the whole world that loves you and needs you just as much as you need them? I needed her so much I could barely think straight.

Review | Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. I finished this book yesterday, and I still have the butterflies. She had wicked long coppery hair and hazel eyes that looked more golden than green.

I physically felt their pain, their joys, their heartaches, and their successes. They run into each other and stay together because they have no other hzrper.

Although captivated, they each come to the conclusion that life is complicated enough without throwing in a boiling tension that can’t ever be acted upon because they’re both too busy thinking about where their next meal will come from but when their names are called and both are placed on a year long waiting list tisher permanent housing, suddenly relying on each other seems like a very viable plan B.

I didnt expect to love this story as much as I do now. Okay, so let me say one thing first. It made their story more personal and attracting. Who can say that and actually mean it? Some reviewers are doing a little ranting about the fact that it’s so unbelievable for these two to be in love, live together, and never confess those feelings or do the deed.


Callum & Harper (Sleepless, #1) by Fisher Amelie

Thanks for the review! Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. This novel revolves around two orphans, Callum and Harper.

ARC provided by author for review My rating: Callum was out a few minutes yb. I screamed for it to happen. I knooooow it will be perfect. I strongly encourage young adults to add this novel to the top of their to-read list. Certain things seemed not to fit, like the laptop and stereo they owned even though they were college kids on work study and no family support.

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Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Their feelings for each other were so strong it was a little unbelievable that they never had a real conversation about it and was that typical “misunderstanding” situation – but that’s what kept barper reading, and it didn’t bother me.

One of the few books I have lately read that take place in NYC I like my reads steamy as hell but this was far from it This heartbreaking, and shattering, and beautiful story. Angst – Urgh, the frustration!