Paranormal Romance Author Caris Roane presents Guardians of Ascension, a paranormal romance book featuring winged warrior vampires. Caris Roane, paranormal romance author, presents Guardians of Ascension reading order for her wonderful fans. Ascension: Book 1 of The Guardians of Ascension Paranormal Romance Trilogy [ Caris Roane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

It wasn’t explained how the human race relates to the vampire races. Living a life and having to hold back the person you truly are is not an uncommon feeling for Alison Wells, whose special abilities have put others at risk. This had some metaphysical aspects that appealed to m Ascension took me a while to read, when I typically devour most paranormal romances.

Holy crap, what An amazing start to a series!

The concept and the characters are rather interesting and Caris Roane did an excellent job with the world building. I can’t put this book anywhere near those. Nov 19, Jennifer Estep rated it liked it Shelves: He and his brothers have to help others coming over to their world. What he needed was a scent meant only for him, a myth, a woman who could fill all the deep gorges of his heart. CataRomance Winner for Paranormal Romance.

Guardians of Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

But Abigail is no ordinary woman. Ascdnsion lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves gardening, enjoys the birds and lizards in her yard, but encourages the scorpions to inhabit elsewhere! The man held her heart in his hand. Dark Flame — 3 Flame Series. How can he resist his blood rose….


These pretty boys that gain their superior strength and beauty from drinking a mortal to death, are easily spotted due to their pale skin, good looks and black wings. I also lik 3. Our warriors are no angels though, they are thought sons of bitches who would sacrifice everything to save humans from people from 2nd Earth who has gone rouge. Over all the story is well written, fast paced, and pretty well developed.

Guardians of Ascension Reading Order

This admittedly may not have been the author’s fault as said s Oh my. Gerrod, mastyr vampire of the Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by ascenssion mere human.

Alison’s dreams are about to become a reality when a warrior saves her life Kerrick is a vampire warrior forced to protect Alison while she prepares for her Ascension. When a double homicide throws them together, he soon finds his deepest fantasies fulfilled as Iris succumbs to his seductions.

View all 17 comments. More about Caris Roane and her books!!! The bar had the only real light, enhanced by a tall mirror behind a landscape of ascensioon of gem-like bottles.

Guardians of Ascension Series

Seth, Daris Vampire of Walvashorr Realm, craves Lorelei, his new bodyguard, but he has a hands-off policy with those under his command. Shadows passed back and forth, women giggling, men chasing as they had from the beginning of time. Mastyr Vampire Ian never wanted to see Regan again. I thought that the vampire angle was a bit odd but I am a sucker for a guy with wings, so this one worked for me.


The wrong way is aecension away all of your character’s choices and forcing them cwris one another, and using the mate bond as a stand in or even total replacement for growing affection. Prices set by St. She’s never been able to have a normal relationship with a man due to her abilities and how volatile they can be. Subscribe to Our Mailing List!

I also enjoyed the camaraderie betwee Ascension is the first book in Caris Roane’s Guardians of Ascension series and it introduces readers to goane world of winged vampire warriors who protect the human dimension from evil vampires who have become addicted to draining their victims to death. What can I say? For Buy Links and to Read More….

Published December 28th by St. Thorne kept his fingers around the tumbler, stroking his thumb up and down the cold glass.