Dress and Appearance AFI AFROTCI Fitness Program AFI AFROTCI J:\Student Organizations\AFROTC\Cadet Positions\Public Affairs Officer\Det If questions arise on how to properly wear the uniform and the regulations are. worn on Air Force dress uniform coats, i.e. formal, semi-formal, mess and as physically described in the Code of Federal Regulation, Title

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Black cummerbunds for males and females and white and black service hats for males were also prescribed, although wear of these hats was often optional.

Uniforms of the United States Air Force – Wikipedia

Air Force wear the ceremonial band tunic: Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 10 June Retrieved 25 January Commissioned officer shoulder boards for colonels and below feature uniforn officer’s rank insignia in raised metallic thread, bordered by two silver vertical metallic stipes similar to sleeve braid.

Air force uniforms United States Air Force uniforms. Department of Defense Secretary: Archived from the original on 15 July This change was also applied to buttons on service hats retaining the chin strap and to buttons on mess dress uniforms, to include mess dress shoulder board insignia for officers.

Prior toall Air Force personnel wore blue service uniforms Shade coats and trousers and Shade shirts very similar in appearance to the green Service Dress ergulations and “B” uniforms of the U. Archived from the original on 28 September The current USAF service dress uniform continues to include kniform three button blue coat. Nametags are not worn with the ceremonial band tunic. Air Force combat uniforms, also known informally as “fatigues,” have continuously evolved since the Air Force became an independent service in For officers, a dark-blue slip-on “soft rank” shoulder loop was created unifomr slide over the epaulettes, with rank insignia consisting of embroidered metallic thread on a dark-blue background, while enlisted personnel continued to wear cloth rank insignia on the sleeves with the shoulder epaulettes unadorned.


This civilian-style dress consists of khaki trousers, a blue Air Force—logo polo shirtand solid black athletic shoes. Service cap devices, “U. Several additional changes were made to make the jacket seem more military in appearance.

This style of rank insignia for officers, while used by British Royal Air Force officers and air force officers of other British commonwealth and former commonwealth nations, is also the style of the U. In the s and s, as the U.

Uniforms of the United States Air Force

Wear of modified versions of the Air Force uniform is also authorized for the service’s civilian auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrolprovided its members adhere to military grooming and modified weight standards.

Retrieved 10 Jun Committees on Armed Services: At one point, the jacket and pants were redesigned with a lighter, quieter material that didn’t make noise with movement. The cadet parade uniform was designed by Hollywood film director Cecil B. Cadets and officer trainees wear insignia on their shoulder boards as applicable to their pre-commissioning rank position in their respective officer accession programs.


Cadet Regulations | Air Force ROTC

Tan service dress uniforms and tan long-sleeve shirts in Shade nicknamed “silver-tans” for the sheen of the particular shade continued into use into the early s. Archived from the original PDF on 20 October The typical headgear for all is a flight cap with medium density silver metallic thread piping.

Air Forces Central The shorts are AF blue with silver reflective stripes on the legs, a key pocket attached to the inner liner and an ID pocket on the outside of the lower right leg. Marine Corps, drill instructors in the U.

Specific Air Force Instructions address standardized wear that is identical for members of both the Active Component i. The jacket is blue with white piping and a reflective inverted chevron across the afrrotc and back.

Large medals are worn in lieu of ribbons. Archived from the original on 3 March Air Force—known as Military Training Instructors—are authorized to wear a campaign hat.