Libram of Silver Magic, Same as the Libram of Gainful Conjuration, except for True Neutral arcane spellcasters. Manual of Puissant .. BOVD, Dungeonscape, Libris Mortis, Races of Stone* Archiving the D&D Archives. and. Libram Mortis. And they have Upgraded the. Ravenloft series, The Ruins of the Undermountain and Tomb of Horrors to Ver. as well. I’m selling my set of 34 DnD books. All of them are in great shape with only minor shelf Libram Mortis Tome of Magic Unearthed Arcana.

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So I’m looking to see if anyone to see if there is anyone willing to run a god campaign.

I played in one before and want to play one again. I have my character already made from the previous game. Where all the known gods have left or died due to Dragon kings.

Dragon kings as being 1 for every color have absorbed all the magic from each god they kill. As they gain there power and go up in deity ranks.

Some gods are killed others are banished. B wizard in a dead or wild magic zone. The dragon kings are sucking the magic out of the realm to fuel their power. The more power we use depletes the magical energy outside of each dragon kings area of rule. And we as the mortie are the ones to rise up and gain the powers of our deity we worship or deity we find to give us their power to take back this realm. But the powers given to us do not kill or destroy the deity giving it.

It just morti us the power to become a deity, and we form into whatever deity we want. I’m hoping to start the game off before any of this happens so we have time to let our characters grow an get to know each other.

Books for sale: Set of 34 DnD books | Schenectady Wargamers Association

3.55 besides what I expect, the DM motis take that and form it into whatever the DM mprtis like it to be. But I would like to stay using this Divine ranking I used for the other game I was in. Here is the character I will be building from the ground up again. The DM will be really good if they can pull this off.

I know the last time my friend ran this he has been DMing for near 20 years and he just got this game rolling lol. I build this character along with my brother who was the party cleric healing for 3, HP each action he used for healing. In a full round he literally healed for near 20k HP before.

God Campaign or pf or [Archive] – Giant in the Playground Forums

Its just crazy the amount of power this game is giving and is required. I hope we find someone for this. I would love to start this off and get this show on the road: Well, do you really want to play mortus same plot again and again? Are you getting tired of the same bloodstained walls and mangled corpses?

Brew to go through. I’ve got something in mind for FoM and such. Teleport is a more pressing problem. I’d like to request the War-Frenzy http: You said Dweomerkeeper is 35, but as it the updated version is from a web enhancement, I will ask for it and the one other web enhancement item I used as ‘brew, as you requested.


Books for sale: Set of 34 DnD 3.5 books

Dweomerkeeper can be found in the Complete Divine web enhancement http: Dweomerkeeper is listed in the downloadable PDF file. Second item is the Zceryll vestige for Binder http: Plus, being able to summon tentacle-y mass monsters Pseudonatural creature template summons is an easy refluff to forcing spirits to take corporeal form which come out as mutant abominations as they do not have a legitimate physical form to present, or are a mass of spirits librqm together and turned corporeal.

Daeva was denied, now im sad Might do some sort of Water god if no one else wants it Presumably I could get Water Elemental http: I omrtis going to ask about the Bellator http: Failing that, I may try some PrCs that I’d normally ignore. How are we doing LA? Does it go on one side of the Gestalt or both? Well, I’ve only used one request, my Kreshen Race, which I will use if allowed.


Actually, is it too late to revoke my Kreshen Request? Or have you already looked over it? So I’ve decided against using the Bellator, since that would move to close to some other people’s themes.

I was looking .35 the Kathodos http: They seem less likely to break things, provided I avoid two specific mythos. My basic character concept is the Phoenix Queen, goddess of fire, purification and asceticism. I plan on her never using a water based mythos. Luckily i managed to reread Blighted Blade, so that’s not mortiz issue.

This might be a long shot but I found some Homebrew moris I like and would like to request. First is lirbam the Base class version- http: Two requests to make my magical Pistol-Shrimp: All I care about is being able to have most items away from the Scorpion’s body. Requesting Pathfinder’s critical feats http: I know that the class has already been approved, but I wanted to make sure that the bloodline mortls approved as well. The Demonic Bloodline morttis Also, does anyone have an advice on my last 2 levels?

Formal request to use the Pathfinder Arcanist: I gotta at least roll. I’m actually in the mood to make a different thing. I’m thinking of a Bard build. Also, I’d like to request the: Artisan of Beauty http: Lirbam, can I have it stack with Effective Bard Level for the purpose of determining the bonuses of Inspire Courage and audience.

I’m also wanting in on the Create your own domain game. All I know is Level 7 Snowsong so far. Not sure if I have any other homebrew requests. I’d like to request two homebrew things, the dread necromancer class fix http: And since my initial question was answered in the wall, I’ll request Armored Casting http: I’ll allow it up to three times, but it won’t stack with any other arcane casting failure reducers.

That may save you some wordiness too. Though I probably don’t really need to be outlining kibram I like mine, though mortiz it’s your brew I’ll mention some of why we differ so you’ve got brew input, though there is room for abuse with a one level dip granting an omrtis 20 chi.


The no bonus for extra classes is a simpler way but it’s just how I handle the same issue with ToB so I figured may as well give you the leniency. Either way we’ll use my rules above for this game. I get the feeling you’re gonna want a bit more slack in terms of powers when I look at specializations, so I’ll nerf this in a similar manner 3x base speedand nurf enlightenment to not affect your spirit stat. Samurai denied monk specializations: Way of the Inner Eye denied Way of the Iron Fist When you take it choose one combat maneuver, it only applies to that one shockwave is a flat 5′ form the target adjacent size boost effects checks for that combat maneuver, not damage Way of the Martial Arts denied Way of the Rapid Strike can only be taken twice Concept the Second- A god of Plague- NE Blighted Blade rewrite http: Working with Ridai, we were able to update it to 3.

Quick update librwm that the class has a working, pretty table again. Witches can weave enchanting and illusory magic with nothing but their words and body language, setting them apart from other arcane casters and granting them unparalleled mastery over their chosen field.

No other race than human, elf and half-elf may qualify, but template amazons do qualify. Skill Points at First Level: Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Ligram are proficient with the club, dagger, heavy morris, light crossbow, and quarterstaff, but not with any type of armor or shield. Armor of any type interferes with a witch’s movements, which can cause her spells with somatic components to fail.

A witch casts mortiw spells, which are drawn from the witch spell list below. She can cast any spell she knows without preparing it ahead of time. Essentially, her spell list is the same as her spells known list.

Witches also have the option of adding to their existing spell list through their liibram learning ability as they increase in level see below. Like other spellcasters, a witch can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is given on Table: In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Charisma score.

As noted above, a witch need not prepare her spells in advance. The powers of a witch are drawn from and enhanced by the power of her voice and body language, collectively often simply referred to as their Voice, thus her inborn arcane talents differ from those of other casters.

There are no strange sounding incantations and erratic hand gestures for the witch when she brings forth the powers of her Voice.

Instead, seductive words and the enthralling sway of her hips are what charm her victim, just as a condescending laugh and mortiw cold stance bring crushing despair over someone who displeased a witch.